21 Brilliant Tips for an Organized Kitchen

Whether you want to organize your entire kitchen from top to bottom, or you just need a few hacks to solve some particularly difficult storage problems, you'll find help in these 21 tips for organizing your kitchen. A well-organized kitchen isn't just pretty: it's also much easier to keep tidy.

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Keep reading do discover how to make your kitchen more functional and attractive than ever before.

Boxes and Wraps

Kitchen storage magazine rack - SORTED Book Blog

You probably have several boxes of cling wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper, etc. in your kitchen. They’ll fit perfectly in a magazine rack! Just attach the rack to the inside of a cupboard door for easy access.

Source: www.everydaydishes.com

Fruit Racks

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Fruit and root vegetables stay fresh the longest when they have room to breath. Magazine racks can give them that necessary aeration, make them easy to access, and give your kitchen a cute style as well.

Lazy Suzan

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

If you have cupboards with awkward, deep corners, add a lazy suzan to keep things more organized and give you easier access to small items. I love using a lazy suzan for my spices, because they actually STAY organized, and are very easy to find.

Dealing with Deep Cupboards

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

We all have some cupboards in our kitchen that seem to go on forever. If you want to store big things in them, it’s great! But if you only need to store little things, then you might be frustrated by how your items are getting lost in the dark recesses.

An inexpensive solution to this problem is to put clear plastic bins in your deep cupboards! This allows you to keep your kitchen tools and small appliances contained and makes them easy to pull out and access.

Source: http://www.listotic.com/

Curtain Rods Doing Double Duty

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Cutting boards and cookie sheets are much easier to keep organized if they are stored vertically. How to keep them upright? Use curtain tension rods! This is a great hack for your taller cupboards.Source: http://www.listotic.com/

Under the Kitchen Sink

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Here’s another creative use for curtain tension rods! Use them to organize your cleaning products. Your spray bottles will be easier to access, and you’ll have more space underneath them to store smallers cleaning items as well.

Source: http://www.jenthousandwords.com

Expand Your Pantry

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Make full use of your pantry by utilizing the wall space! Attach letter racks, file organizers, or sink caddies to the wall, and fill them with small items that would otherwise create a mess on a shelf.

Source: http://www.listotic.com/

Vertical Cupboards

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Stacking shelves allow you to make better use of your too tall kitchen cupboards.

Source: http://organizingmadefun.blogspot.com

Hanging Shelf Organizers

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Another great way to make use of wasted vertical space in your kitchen is with hanging shelf organizers. These gadgets can expand your kitchen storage in a whole ‘nother dimension! They’re great for light items such as small places, tupperware, or lids.

Source: http://www.thehyperhouse.com


fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Print label stickers from your computer, or use a label maker if you have one. You’ll be able to find and organize your food more easily, and when a container becomes empty, you’ll know exactly what to restock it with.

Cupcakes and Muffins

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Have one of these older style magazine racks stored away somewhere? If not, you can probably find one at a thrift shop. A little paint to make it match your kitchen decor, and you’ve got yourself a classy way to store your larger pans and bulky muffin tins.

Utilize Wasted Space

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

If you have a small kitchen, it’s important to make use of every bit of space you can find: such as the backs of doors. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to fit everything, you should try this out! Use a shoe rack to store small kitchen tools, snacks, or cleaning products.

All Those Little Packets

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If you have packets of tea, drink mixes, seasonings, or anything else, organize them with individual drawer organizers, which come in a variety of sizes.

Source: http://www.handymancraftywoman.com

Give Easy Access to Frequently Used Dishes

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All your plates don’t have to be stored on the same shelf! Keep your everyday dishes down low for easy access, and put the ones you use less frequently higher up.

Use a Crock

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Rather than letting all your kitchen tools swim around in a drawer, store them vertically! They’ll stay tidier and be easier to access. You can use a crock specifically designed for this purpose, or a pitcher, chunky vase, or large mason jar.

Easy Art

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Purchase kitchenware in the accent color of your kitchen and eliminate the need for pointless art. Why have a picture hanging on the wall, when you could have a beautiful, useful pan?

Well-Organized Food

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Give your cupboards an improved appearance and make it easier to find what you need by organizing your food by category.

Keep Food Visible

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

Whether you choose clear plastic storage containers, or these spiffy wire ones, use containers that keep your food visible. What you can see you’ll remember to actually use!

Clear the Counters

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Give yourself more working space by keeping your kitchen counters clear of papers. Create a space on your wall for notes, mail, calendars, and anything else that you need easy access to.

Add Drawers

fruit rack - SORTED Book Blog

For big, open cupboards, give more structure with some added drawer units.

Source: www.timewiththea.com

What was your favorite kitchen tip?

Which of these tips will be the most useful in YOUR kitchen? What are your biggest kitchen organization struggles? Let's talk about it in the comments below!


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