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28 Small Space Decorating DON'TS


how to decorate a small space with long curtains1. Don’t… Use Short or Ruffly Curtains

Instead, use long, neutral colored curtains to open up the room and give more height to the ceilings.




how to keep a small space feeling open by using fewer colors

2. Don’t… Clutter your space with too many colors


Pick one or two accent colors, plus a neutral mood (warm (browns), cool (greys), or high contrast (black & white)




keep your small space feeling open with fewer patterns - how to decorate a small space

3. Don’t… Confuse your space with too many patterns

Keep most things solid/pattern-free, and then just use a couple, complimentary patterned pieces to act as accents.



use vertical storage to decorate a small house

4. Don’t… Waste vertical storage space

Implement storage racks on the backs of closet doors to add out-of-the-way storage options.



A small house will feel bigger with white walls

5. Don’t… Be afraid of white paint

You might be afraid that white paint will make your space look cold or lifeless --- but that doesn’t need to be the case! White paint provides a clean, modern, blank canvas that will make all of your furniture and decor pop.



paint the walls and ceiling the same color to make a small room feel bigger

6. Don’t… Be afraid to paint everything the same color.

While traditionally ceilings are painted a different color than walls, in a small space this doesn’t apply. By painting the walls and ceiling the SAME bright, light color, you’ll draw the eye upwards and make the room seem larger (and the ceilings taller!).



Use small spaces unconventionally to make a tiny apartment feel bigger and be more functional

7. Don’t… Live by the rules.

Just because your house was designed for certain functionalities doesn’t mean you have to use it that way! Don’t be afraid to make changes that work better for your lifestyle. Use your formal dining room as a family room, turn a closet into a bar, your unused second bedroom could be your walk-in closet. In my house, I have very little kitchen storage and no pantry, so I converted the cupboards in my laundry room into food storage.



Keep your decorations on the walls so they don't take up to much space in your small house.

8. Don’t… Forget the walls.

The walls of your house can offer functionality and visual appeal. Use that space to install hanging bookshelves, fold-out desks, storage cube units, or even more cupboards. Just make sure it’s attractive as well as utilitarian. Who needs art when you have your pots and pans hanging on the wall?



Get creative when organizing your small home with this stair step organizing basket

9. Don’t… Let stair space go to waste.

Install stepped cube organizers on the stairs to add more storage space. Great for shoes or board games



Use hanging lights instead of lamps to save space.

10. Don’t… clutter up tables with lamps.

Add space and style to your room by installing pendulum lights instead.



Make use of a hallway by adding a narrow desk.

11. Don’t… Waste transition spaces.

Hallways and foyers can be turned into function spaces by adding slim organization units or desks.



minimalist simple slim couch to save space in small apartment

12. Don’t… Waste space on frumpy furniture.

Many sofas and chairs have lots of unnecessary fabric and fluff on the outsides, which adds nothing to comfort, but eats up a lot of valuable space. Instead, opt for a more slim, minimalist design that provides comfort at less of a cost.



use a modern, narrow end table in your small living room so things don't feel cramped

13. Don’t… Waste space on clunky end tables.

Slimmer, more vertical designs will save you space and give your home a more modern feel.



save space by using a bed frame with storage

14. Don’t… forget the space under your bed.

Make use of this valuable, underused space. Store something visually interesting under there (such as vintage hat boxes filled with photo albums), or hide away less attractive items with a simple bed skirt.



Choose a slim, modern small vessel bathroom sink to save space in a small bathroom

15. Don’t… Choose an over-sized sink cabinet.

Most “small” bathroom sink cabinet units are terrible space wasters. They are actually quite large, but provide very little storage space. Instead, opt for an alternative, slimmer cabinet design, or even a pedestal sink. With all the space you save, you’ll be able to install a much more space efficient, slim, vertical organization system.



save space in a small bathroom by using narrow cabinets

16. Don’t… Use deeper cabinets than you need.

Most bathroom cupboards are very deep, which not only takes up a lot of space, but also allows clutter to collect in the back half. Instead, choose shallower cupboards that take up less room and keep everything visible. That way you won’t forget what you have and buy unnecessary things!



Use stylish storage that acts as decor to minimize the number of things you need to have in your small house.

17. Don’t… Let your storage be unstylish.

There are so many beautiful storage options available today that there’s not reason to try to hide away the things you love out of sight. Instead of trying to hide your blankets under the couch or in an inconvenient, overcrowded cupboard, instead, store them in a cute basket. They’ll be easier to put away, and more available when you want them.



Use a corner drawer cabinet to add more storage space to your home.

18. Don’t… Let corners go to waste.

Put this space to use with a corner organizer, corner shelving, or even install a one-legged desk.



Find the perfect piece of furniture to fit your small living room

19. Don’t… Forget to look for a perfect piece of furniture.

Keep looking for a couch or table that fits your space great! Don’t just buy one you like the looks of but won’t work well in your small house. A modular sofa can actually be a great choice that takes up less space than several smaller pieces. The trick is finding the right one.



Choose a large area rug to make a small room feel bigger

20. Don’t… Always choose a small rug.

Just because your room is small doesn’t mean you have to pick something tiny! By getting a rug that fills the room wall-to-wall, you’ll make everything seem more open and spacious. You’ll also save yourself from tripping on the edges!



hang your ceiling lights high to make a room feel more open

21. Don’t… Hang your lights too low.

With less space to move around, taller folks will be more likely to bump lighting than they would be in a bigger place



contemporary bold chunky bed frame in small room

22. Don’t… Think you can’t do chunky.

If you like the look of solid, substantial “details” then go for it! While you don’t want to fill your space with pieces that are too big, oversized detailing can actually add a great, modern feel to your small home.



ceiling crown moulding in a small room

23. Don’t… Overlook wall details.

Adding classic elements to your walls like crown moulding, paneling, or wainscoting can make you home seem much more substantial, spacious, and give it a sense of architectural integrity.



beautiful closet free standing - get creative with storage!

24. Don’t… Be afraid to get creative with storage.

Install shelving in an existing closet, or create a whole new closet by installing closet rods and shelving on a wall and hanging a long, sleek curtain in front of it.



Make use of a dining bench to save space in a small dining room

25. Don’t… clutter up your dining room with unnecessary chairs.

Instead of six or eight chairs at your dining table, keep things simple and replace the chairs on one or two of the long sides with a bench instead. You’ll appreciate the simple feeling your dining room has with fewer pieces of furniture.



Keep your small house feeling open by keeping the furniture away from the walls.

26. Don’t… Cram furniture into corners.

You might think you’re saving space by getting the furniture as close to the walls as possible, but really you’ll just make your room feel cramped and too small. Instead, give your furniture room to breath by spacing it appropriate distances away from other furniture and walls.



use a large frameless bathroom mirror to make a small bathroom feel much bigger27. Don't... Think you have to stick to a small mirror in a small bathroom.

While a little mirror might feel like the appropriate choice for the little room, you’ll be sacrificing the depth that a larger mirror can provide. Spacious mirrors can make any room feel almost twice as big, so go for as large a mirror as you can fit. Just skip the chunky frame, which will make the mirror look out of place in a small room.



use a sliding door to save space in a small room

28. Don’t… Choose traditional swinging doors. 

Wherever possible, go with space saving sliders instead. You’ll still have your privacy, but you won’t have a bulky door in the middle of your room whenever it’s left open.




Images sources from Amazon.

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