3 Ways To Create Your Customized Self-Care Routine & Make The Ultimate Life Investment

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Self care is the ultimate life investment. Learn how to make your own custom self-care routine with this post from the SORTED blog.

Self-care. You may have heard that term so many times that it makes you cringe, but do you actually know what it means?


Everyone has their own definition and philosophy about what self-care means to them, however, in a general sense it refers to the way in which one looks after him or herself. This can be done in a variety of ways and is truly dependent on each individual’s preferences on what makes them feel taken care of and rejuvenated.


Nonetheless, there is a common misconception that a self-care routine has to be this long drawn out daily process and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The amount of time you spend on caring for yourself each day doesn’t matter because even a minute goes a long way towards investing in your own well-being. After all, we are our biggest assets aren’t we?


While there aren’t many actual studies or statistics that prove the importance of self-care it’s almost a given at this point in society with all of the demands that stress our minds and bodies each day. Between work, kids, tending to the family and home there are several things happening at any one time. This is why it is crucial to carve out time to care for yourself.


Luckily, as mentioned before, self-care does not have to be a huge time commitment that takes away from your daily tasks. Here are some tips on how to create your own customized self-care routine:


  1. Figure Out What Makes YOU Feel Good

When creating your customized self-care routine it is important to keep in mind the types of things that make you feel recharged and refreshed. Maybe that’s exercise, or giving yourself a manicure. Perhaps it includes some quiet time with a book. Make a list of all these things and prioritize which activities are your favorite. It honestly does not matter how you spend your time as long as you’re doing things you enjoy.


  1.       Pick 1-3 Daily Non-Negotiables

Once you have a list compiled it’s time to consider which 3 activities you would like to do on a daily basis with no room for excuses. Some quick and easy things I have committed to doing each day, even with an 8-month old, are taking a shower and putting makeup on, napping when my son naps and getting a Starbucks coffee.


These are 3 things that make me feel ready to take on whatever life throws at me! What self-care activities can do that for you?


  1. Commit to Your Daily Non-Negotiables Everyday For One Month

Creating new habits takes consistent daily action and self-care is nothing more than a combination of different habits meshed into one everyday routine. Sometimes when introducing new activities into our life it can feel overwhelming. That’s why I suggest starting with 1 non-negotiable activity and sticking to that everyday for one month. Then, continue the next month by adding the 2nd activity and doing those for one month, and so on. Changing your habits slowly is a sure-fire way to stay committed.


Feel like you can’t quite find the time? Get creative! Use your child’s naptime or bedtime to fit in some self-care. Take your lunch break at work for some much needed R&R. Wake up a few minutes earlier to get in some meditation or journaling. Do whatever you have to do to make this work for you.


If you find that after some time you are still struggling to take care of yourself then it’s time for reevaluation. It is crucial to pick activities that you enjoy and to not base them off what you SHOULD be doing.


No matter what, it’s important to view self-care as a serious pledge to yourself because it can allow you to show up fully present in all of your other activities. Self-care is not selfish! And, no matter what you have going on it’s totally possible to implement a simple routine into your day-to-day.


Before you know it you will have a solid self-care routine and you will gain a confidence that nothing else other than caring for yourself can provide!




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Gabrielle is a mompreneur, blogger and routine queen. She believes that every mom can be the person they’ve always dreamed of being even with a new baby. With the implementation of customized routines, structures and self-determination, she helps new moms carve out pockets of time that allow them to develop habits to support their dream life. To learn more about her and her mission please visit her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/gabriellejbogan



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