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My Morning Chore Routine


Today's post will be pretty short! At first I was feeling a little bad about this, and trying to come up with more things/chores to fill it up with --- but then I decided, "You know what, it's okay for it to be short. I don't do very many chores in the morning, and that's something I feel good GREAT about!"


Despite what you may think, I don't love doing chores. I really enjoy the results of them, and I'm pleased to do the work to get those results. I'm especially pleased because the routines that I've developed to keep my house constantly clean allow me to get my chores done each day in an extremely minimal amount of time, and take very little effort. It's so much easier and more fun to do chores in a clean house than in a messy one!


My Morning Chore Routine

So what do I actually do each morning? Just three things:


1. Unload the Dishwasher


My family and I eat breakfast together, and when we are done, it's time to unload yesterday's dishes. My husband heads off to work, and my son is normally still happily eating. He loves hanging out with mom in the kitchen while she works. I appreciate this "productive" time we get to spend together, while we are both busy doing something. 


Unloading the dishwasher generally takes about five minutes, and always less than ten. This just depends on how much we cooked (i.e. how many dishes we used) yesterday. If my son is still eating when I'm done unloading, I might take a two to load the breakfast dishes, just to save time later.


2. Weekly Routine Chore

After we are all done with breakfast and unloading the dishwasher, it's time to begin the "real" work. (Side note: every time I try to type dishwasher I accidentally type "dishwarsher" instead. It's like I have a typing accent or something...)


toilet bowl brushWhat I think of as the "real" work is whatever chore is assigned to that particular day by my weekly chore routine. These are tasks such as laundry, cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, mopping the floors, or meal planning for the coming week. My two-year-old and I do the chore of the day together (well,not meal planning, but all the other things). He loves getting up on the counter in the bathroom to wash the mirror, or getting down on his hands and knees to scrub the floor. Fun times with mom!


Most of the weekly routine chores just take me half an hour to complete, some of them as much as 45-minutes. For that short amount of time, I can find plenty of gratitude inside myself to make the chores actually enjoyable to do. More than that, and I start planning to hire a maid.


Often, while we do the chore, I'll listen to a podcast. While trying to multi-task different thoughtful activities is a big no-no (at least for me!), doing something physical along with something mental is a perfect combo. (So, mopping plus a podcast is great, but trying to meal plan while listening to a podcast would be a fail.) I genuinely feel so invigorated when I've completed my chore and learned something at the same time.


3. Sweeping

makita vacuumWell, really, "sweeping." I call it sweeping, my husband says that's ridiculous, because I'm actually vacuuming. A couple years ago, my husband got me this nifty little Makita cordless vacuum. At first, I thought that was ridiculous. I told him my broom worked just fine, and I'd use the big vacuum for the carpet, thank-you-very-much. But, it turns out that it was a really great thing! It is so quick to just use that light little vacuum to zoom around and clean the floors (I use it on the hard floors and the short carpet). I call it "sweeping" because it's doing what I did for years with a broom, but technically, it is vacuuming.


Most days, I just "sweep" where I actually see crumbs on the floor. Twice each week, "sweeping" is the actual chore of the day, so I spend more time "sweeping" the whole house. But on most days, this takes about five minutes.


Total Morning Chore Time

All together, these three chores always take me less than an hour to complete (often barely more than half an hour). And they really are the bulk of the housework I do each day! The only other chores each day are completed during my evening chore routine, which you can read about by clicking here. I'll warn you now --- it's very short as well! (Hint: there's only three chores in the evening as well, and they take even less time than the morning chores!)


Morning and evening combined, I spend less than an hour each day to keep my house perfectly clean. I think it's time well spent! Even aside from the obvious, practical benefits of this, the mental clarity (i.e. sanity), and increased productivity (i.e. I actually have time to get some money-making work done, instead of just fighting my house all day) are more than worth it. Routines really are SO freeing!





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  1. Thank you. I do feel overwhelmed with chores. I can not write with house messy. So if i do not clean, i do not work. Netflix time. Cycle. Will try it out and when i finally publish book will give you a free copy for your help.

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