Just like you, Gillian Perkins has more than a few responsibilities in life. Just like you, Gillian has to balance her different roles. Just like you, Gillian thought she didn't have enough time in a day to do everything she needed to do.


Fortunately for you, Gillian found a solution. Fortunately for you, it's a simple system that you'll be able to use in your own life. Fortunately for you, Gillian wrote SORTED to teach you how to organize your life.


Author Gillian Perkins lives in beautifully green Oregon with her husband and two young children. From a young age, Gillian enjoyed organizing and scheduling many different aspects of her life, and helping others to do so as well.


However, Gillian always felt that she was disorganized and falling behind. No matter how many lists she wrote, schedules she designed, closets she organized, or dishes she washed, she always felt overwhelmed by how much more there was to do.


Finally, after the birth of her first child, the situation came to a head. Under considerable stress to care for her new baby while running her business and managing her home, Gillian had an epiphany of a new, comprehensive system to both simplify and organize her life for the better.


The impact was huge. A few small changes had a dramatic effect. Suddenly, instead of constantly falling behind, forgetting commitments, and losing necessary items, Gillian was able to easily manage everything that she was responsible for. Her house was clean all the time, her business ran smoothly, and best of all, she got to spend so much more time with her new son!


Gillian knew she had to share this system that had done such great things in her life. That is when she decided to write SORTED. She's delighted to now provide women everywhere with the tools they need to finally break free, discover relaxation, and get ahead.