Easy First Steps to Becoming More Organized

If your life is feeling a little chaotic, you might be thinking it’s time to make some changes. But where do you even start? There’s so much life to organize, so many improvements to be made, and so little time to actually implement. Here’s three easy ways to steer your life back towards sanity.

  1. Start Using a Weekly Planner

While there’s lots of tools available to help you get more organized, the weekly planner is your best option. Small and convenient, you can take it with you everywhere you go and use it as a catch all. You’ll find it serves you the very best when you truly put *everything* in it. Don’t waste brain waves trying to remember tasks and commitments. Instead, write it all down so you can focus your brain power on effect work and enjoyable relaxation.

Write down your calendar events, chores, commitments, and projects. Refer to the planner daily and check things off as you get them done. You’ll be more organized, more productive, and will feel more satisfied.

2.  Use Routines to Exploit the Power of Habit

Habit is a powerful force that plays a huge roll in directing the course of your life. Take advantage of this! By creating routines for the regular things you want to get done each week, you can simplify your schedule and save yourself a lot of decision making. Everything will run more efficiently when you get to practice doing it the same way time after time.

Try starting each day with a morning routine to get yourself off to a good start. A morning routine can give you more energy and motivation for the day, and can help get you focused on your most important task.

Chore routines and work routines are helpful for giving order to the chaos and helping you get things done more effectively.

And lastly, an evening routine can be a great way to wrap things up and get yourself in a good frame of mind for restful sleep.

3.  Plan to Take Care of Yourself

While you might be focused on everything you have to get done and the projects you are already behind on, intentionally caring for yourself is essential for becoming more organized. When you don’t take care of yourself, you’re frazzled and stressed out. You lack energy and motivation, and remembering things is HARD.

Take time to meal plan for healthy eating throughout the week. This will give you energy and help you feel good about your life.

Plan to exercise a little bit every day, or at least on a set schedule throughout the week. Consistent exercise is proven to boost your energy and mood. You’ll get a lot more done in a good mood than not! Exercising your body also helps keep your mind sharp, which plays a key roll in staying organized.

Make sure you schedule plenty of time for relaxing activities and plenty of rest. Your mind needs time to recover and heal after a busy day of work. If you want it to perform optimally for you the next day, then you must take care of it and give it plenty of rest.

Hopefully you find these ideas helpful for becoming a more organized, effective, and relaxed person. Which of them are you NOT doing that you want to start? Leave a comment below letting me know which one you found the most helpful!

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