Life Organization Coaching

Discover Your Own SORTED Life​

If you've read "SORTED: Freedom through Structure," but you're struggling with how to apply the principles to your own life, then coaching might be a perfect fit.

Life-organization coaching meets you where you're at right now  and helps you create a plan to create more order and freedom.

If direction, accountability, or step-by-step guidance are what you need, then I'd love to talk with you about how I can help.

Book a free, 15-minute discovery call to find out how life-organization coaching can help YOU create a more balanced, enjoyable life.

Structure My Schedule

If you never feel like you have enough hours in a day, then this is the perfect package for you! I'll help you design your ideal schedule that will help you relax, enjoy life, and get more done than you ever would have believed would be possible.

Package includes:

  • Initial phone consultation (60 minutes)
  • Custom designed weekly schedule
  • One revision
  • Two 30-minute follow-up calls

Investment: $397 total

Organize My Home

Want to stop FIGHTING your house, and discover how to actually enjoy living in it? 
I promise that whatever situation you are facing, it IS possible to maintain a consistently clean house with very little daily effort. Let me teach you how!

Package includes:

  • ​Initial assessment call (60 minutes)
  • 6-week, custom designed, action plan
  • Three 30-minute accountability calls

Investment: $497 total

Complete SORTED Life

If you have several significant areas of your life that need to be SORTED, then this package is for you! Six months of weekly coaching calls to help you make positive changes wherever they are most needed.

This package is unique because it can take two courses: either you can take the steering wheel, and I'll support you in whatever you desire to work on, OR I can guide you step-by-step through the SORTED Life program.

Either way, this package includes:

  • 24 half-hour weekly coaching calls (4/month for six months)
  • Weekly assignments emailed to you
  • Email support for your questions between calls

Investment: $397/month